How Much Does A Nose Job Cost

Nose job or rhinoplasty costs are important. Health insurance will not cover the nose job costs as it is not a medical necessity. On the other hand, getting a nose job done is important for people concerned with their look and those who work in the world of entertainment. Rhinoplasty or nose job costs can be a few hundred dollars for a small job. It is actually safe to opine that a person’s How Much Does A Nose Job Cost will depend on the amount of work to be done concerning the nose. This will be different according to the different requirements.

Non surgical nose job

A non surgical Rhinoplasty is usually done for improving the shape of the nose. It is affordable and sufficient for correcting small nose asymmetry. This nose job is usually done at the cosmetic surgeon’s outpatient chamber with the help of a local anesthetic. Fillers approved by the FDA are injected into the skin for building the nose into a more prominent and natural shape. Nasal depressions, bent nose, humped nose and a drooping nose tip and such minor imperfections can all be corrected painlessly and quickly through the non-surgical process. This non surgical Rhinoplasty is therefore a very popular option.

How Much Does A Nose Job CostThe estimate for a non surgical nose job

This procedure is comparatively faster than surgical Rhinoplasty. This is done by a local anesthetic and the nasal reshaping processes that a done by the different fillers start as low as  USD 350 only but can go up to USD 750-800, depending on the intensity and intricacy of the nose job.

Closed Rhinoplasty

Some people needing a nose job would need a more advanced process. There are conditions where the shape of the nose is somewhat affected more than just a glitch in the profile.

This is when the need for a closed surgical procedure comes in.  The small incisions are made inside the nose from the nostrils within. In closed Rhinoplasty, small incisions like that generally do the job. Some repairs of fractures, reshaping the tip of the nose and work on the septum can be done through this closed process. This process is named so as the scope of this surgical procedure is not much extended, but limited.

Open Rhinoplasty

With closed Rhinoplasty, bruising is less and healing takes a much shorter time than the Open Rhinoplasty process. In this open nose job the surgeon is required to do much more than small incisions. This process also involves the cutting of the skin at the base of the nostrils for better results. Recovery time for the nose job here takes a month or more. This is perhaps the best option for a nose job. Once the healing has been done, there will not be a scar that is visible.


Surgical nose jobs whether closed or open are performed in hospitals with proper surgical facilities and anesthetic facilities. A basic cost of USD 1500 that includes the surgeon’s fees is required at the minimum. It is very difficult to estimate the cost of Rhinoplasty as the requirement for each person varies according to the treatment to be rendered.

Currently for the basic open nose jobs like tip shaping, humps, bent nose the cost can vary between USD 4000-USD 7500. You can always have a personal estimate from the surgeon first depending on your requirements of nose fixing. The recent prices generally indicate that the How Much Does A Nose Job Cost would seldom rise above USD 10,000 unless for absolutely critical cases.

Experience of the surgeon

The experience of the nose job is more important than the price factor involved with the job. Therefore, the price should not be a deciding factor. Some would do the job for a fee that is affordable while some surgeon might mess it all up. So it is definitely the experience factor that counts much and his way of tackling a nose job is much important.

While you are having the cosmetic work done you could end up with a problem that is bigger than burning a hole in your pocket. You might need some additional procedures to have the most favourable and desired result with the nose. This might add some more expense.


It is advisable that you take the best of opinions before you decide on doing the nose job with a particular surgeon. You can go through previous testimonials or talk to previous successful clients that he has had so far. You must feel totally comfortable and risk free about the impending nose job procedure with the surgeon. It is better to wait for a better surgeon than go for a less experienced one and end up unhappy and displeased with a wrong nose job.